The Warmth of Christmas

A community devotional singing program held every month was scheduled for Sunday, December 10, 2017. About 35 members of the Cooksville Sai Centre including children, young adults and parents volunteered in this musical program called “Melody of Divine Love” to perform a special Christmas program.


This was an important Christmas performance with English bhajans and special Christmas hymns accompanied by scintillating performances on musical instruments. The program began with opening prayers and the propitiation of Lord Ganesh with a bhajan in English. This was followed by a beautiful, new melodious English bhajan praising our Lord. A story was also included to remind everyone of the most precious gift of love one can give and receive in the days leading up to and after the celebration of Christmas, the day of our Lord’s birth. The story was captivatingly narrated by a child, who very soon became the cynosure of all who were present.

After the narration of the story, children sang 5 Christmas carols accompanied by the flute, harmonium and few jingle bells. Children also performed the all-time favorites: Jingle Bells, Silent night, Joy to the world, Deck the halls, and ended the caroling with “we wish you a Merry Christmas”. The next performance was a medley of 3 bhajans celebrating the Glory of our Lord, after which the session ended with the regular closing prayers.

A special mention has to be made about the children who worked with lots of love and dedication to put together this performance. We had 2 practice sessions to prepare for this performance. To bring in the feel and spirit of Christmas all children were dressed in red shirts and black pants with Santa hats. The Hallway was decorated to reflect the colors of the Christmas season. The residents enjoyed all performances and were thrilled to listen to the carols and sing along with our children. After the performances our children handed out candy canes to everyone who was present there.

A Vote of thanks was given by the President of SSSBC of Cooksville as also Brother Pricely.  The effort put in by the children was greatly appreciated and as a token of this appreciation, children were offered hot chocolate and treats.

A few residents requested for longer musical performances the next time round. The simple unadulterated joy of singing our Lord’s name during the festive season of Christmas spread warmth and happiness. We all left with our hearts filled with the warmth of love and the happiness of giving to others.